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Plant a Tree Photo Contest Entries — Season 1
Ended November 30th 2008 ~ Winner is Lena


Arianna Prueser
(age 7)
Zion, IL

Hope: Getting started
I like dirt!
I've got a gree thumb
Hope Slinkosky
Lawrenceville, GA
birthdate: January 5, 2004
adopted from Taiwan

Faith: Timber
Is it deep enough?
Crepe Myrtle success

Faith Slinkosky
Lawrenceville, GA
birthdate: May 8, 2002
adopted from China

Zoë : digging the hole
Helping Summer with the wheelbarrow - adding topsoil
pressing down the soil

Zoë Hasenfratz, aged 12.
I planted a tree with my West Coast Kids doll "Summer".

Zoë is in the striped hat. We found one Douglas Fir tree that had died young, where we needed a tree to grow.
We found a baby Douglas Fir tree growing where it would not be welcomewhen enormous.

So we transplanted the new living baby tree to where the young dead tree had died.

Lena and her two little brothers,
Jack and baby Nicholas
Nicholas gifts Lena with a wild flower
Under the tree

We learned about an abandoned house that was surrounded by very old lilacs and other old trees and shrubs. The new property owner planned to bulldoze everything. We asked permission to dig up some of the lilac trees and other bushes before they were destroyed. It was a family effort. The kids went with to dig up the trees. Their uncle had to help with the hard digging. We brought the trees home wrapped in blankets tied to the roof of our minivan. We rescued and transplanted ten lilacs and two shrubs, a dozen plants in our yard. Lena and I managed to dig the holes. Jack and his friends watered the trees and each other. Baby Nicholas supervised and taste tested the grass and wild flowers. After we planted the dozen trees the whole neighborhood was talking. Birds were in the larger trees the very next day!
Everyone was happy about the plantings. They commented on how it made our entire neighborhood more beautiful. The wind blew one of the new trees down on the third day and a neighbor came running to tell us. We fixed it and tied the taller ones with stakes and string so they won’t blow too much in the wind. When we told neighbors about how we’d rescued the trees for free they wanted some too. We took them to the site of the old house and another ten trees were dug up, rescued, and transplanted by our neighbors. In all twenty-two trees were rescued from demolition and transplanted into our neighborhood. The trees were all rescued by families
with children. The kids helped with each step of the process. They especially liked watering the trees and each other on the last few hot days of summer.

I’m sending the photos that include the children and a favorite tree.

Gia: and Rosie cheering on the digging
Watering is Vital!
We did it!

Gia Hasenfratz, age 8; helping her Euro Girl "Rosie"

Gia in the striped sleeves
On this cool October day they brought some friends to help them plant
some baby trees on the borderline between their properties on Salt
Spring Island, British Columbia, Canada.

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