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Plant a Tree Photo Contest Entries — Season 2
January 1st to June 30th 2009 ~ Winner is Laura A.

I'm entering on behalf of my 2 granddaughters, my daughter and myself. We're attaching 3 pictures, because the sun and shadows played havoc with the actual subject of the photos, i.e.. the tree! It's difficult to see where we actually planted the little guy, thus the middle picture of Amy putting it in the ground. Actually, we planted a crepe myrtle bush because the girls, Emily and Julia, wanted to plant a tree that would have nice blossoms. The myrtles are a good tree for that here in NC, in addition to attracting lots of butterflies and hummingbirds.
Thank you for this nice contest, and your support of a very important concept of nature stewardship that we shared in our family.

Deadra, Amy (daughter) and granddaughters Emily and Julia
Sanford, NC<


I planted a lemon tree because our family likes lemons and I know it’s good to eat locally grown food to cut down on pollution produced by the transportation of foods from a long way away.
Laura A., Age 14

>My tree story:
I live in a cottage in the woods that was once my Grandparents. 3 years ago, when I bought the home, I began to garden for the first time. As I learned and grew as a gardener, I began to realize how important trees and shrubs were for structure and beauty. Last fall, I joined the Arbor Day Foundation to learn more about trees and get 10 free tree babies. Only 5 babies survived the winter, but they taught me so much about growing and caring for trees that I bought many more this spring. I purchased a Kousa Dogwood, a Saucer Magnolia, 2 Japanese Maples, a Lilac, 3 Arborvitaes, and received a free Red Maple. The first 7 pictures are from the day my mom and my niece Ariel and nephew Joey planted the arborvitaes and maple in my new backyard "bird sanctuary" garden. Ariel (5) and Joey(9) love my garden and have wanted to help, so I thought this would be a good day to do so! It was hard work because we were in the very back of the backyard, and had to bring up buckets of dirt, mulch, and water from the front yard. Yet, we enjoyed it.
It was good for Joey to learn since he is a Cub Scout and they planted trees this year also.
We loved our trees so much, that when Wal-Mart had a big clearance sale on trees, my dad bought my mom a crabapple for Mother's Day, and they bought me two crabapples and a golden delicious tree for my birthday to plant in my backyard as a new orchard. Counting the Wisteria I bought myself in that sale, we have planted 24 trees since last fall! And, thanks to your contest and my wanting to learn more about trees, I have discovered that my yard isn't just a forest, but it is full of tulip poplars, walnuts, dogwoods, and redbuds as well as deer, rabbits, squirrels, and a groundhog. I love my forest home!
Audra Ann Morton & Helpers


My daughter, Emily, aged 8, planted a tree she rescued from our raspberry patch. She planted it all by herself.
I was weeding and was going to rip out the small tree and compost it. Almost all seedlings or small trees that grow in my garden get rescued by my girls.
Then my daughters and I have to find a new home for the rescued seedlings. This year, we planted the tree at our friend's place because they have lots of space.
- Andrea



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